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Sitting on the Fence

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Dinner Date

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So my master announced that we were going shopping with David (djonlothario) and his girls, Karen and Aly. He had decided that I needed some clothes which were more suitable for my new lifestyle, and he felt the girls would be a big help, as they had been slaves for quite a while, and knew what was expected.
I had always enjoyed my shopping trips. They were an opportunity to indulge myself, buy myself treats, like diamonds and gold, and sexy clothes to tempt lovers. This excursion would obviously be different, but I had no idea what to expect.
And also, how would the girls behave with me, what would David instruct them to do? They would surely be under his strict orders, but to do what?
Oh well, I would soon find out.
The plan was for my master and I to go up to London by train, then by tube to Kensington, which is where David lives. I was dressed in a short dress, high heeled boots and a short but warm coat. I was allowed to wear a sexy thong and bra set, although I suspected that might change.
Once we got to Kensington my master strode ahead, and I had to almost run to keep up, no joke in heels, even quite low ones, but we quickly found the apartment block. It was old and very posh, and the apartment must have cost David a fortune.

"David, good to see you again"


"Rob, glad you could come, the girls are very excited about going shopping with Pam"

He was right, they were excited, and also happy, and cheerful, which I hadn't expected. Aly, the younger one, was fidgeting and grinning, eager to greet me. Karen was more reserved, but elegant and beautiful. They obviously both adored David and kept looking at him with smiling eyes.

"Pammy, come and greet David...on your knees in front of him...ask permission to kiss his wonderful cock"

I dropped to my knees in front of David, with my face next to his crotch.

"Please Master David, may I kiss your beautiful cock?"

"You may. Girls"

I started to open his flies, and saw Aly scamper across to my master, drop to her knees and take out his cock without asking. I started to suck David's cock, and I must confess, it was rather wonderful, and I could see Aly out of the corner of my eye giving similar service to my master. I was actually beginning to enjoy myself when Master David grabbed my hair and virtually threw me across the room.

"That's enough for now, I need to keep my powder dry for later"

I fell back and banged my head against a large antique armchair. The end of the arm was wood, and the back of my head hit it with a crack. Everything span a little, but as my head cleared I could see Karen with her face buried between my Master's arse cheeks, and Aly still very busy with his grand cock stuffed in her mouth.

I got unsteadily to my feet, anxious not to get into trouble so early on.

"It's great having two!"

"You're not kidding David, I love it! But I think they'd better stop now or I won't be horny for the shopping"

"Girls, time to welcome little Pammy"
Aly bounded across towards me, even more excited, as Karen moved langorously around behind me. Aly almost threw herself at me, flinging her arms around my neck, and launching into a passionate mouth to mouth kiss, her tongue was trying to reach my throat as she continued to hold me tight. I felt Karen behind me, lift my dress, snatch down my scanty knickers, then thrust into my poor bottom a huge hot dildo. It was covered in some kind of lubricant, and really hot. Burning hot. She started to pump it in and out, fast and furious, too fast and too furious, it really hurt! She kept pumping as Aly continued to snog me, then suddenly a gush of really hot liquid burst from the dildo into my arse. As I was feeling the pain from the hot liquid in my raped anus, Aly let go of me, lifted the front of my dress, and shoved her fingers into my cunt. I knew what was coming next, but there was nothing I could do. Karen stopped pumping and put her arms tightly around me, grabbing my nipples. The explosion of pain hit my vagina like having a grenade shoved up me, followed by a further explosion in my nipples and then my clit.
The girls let go of me, Karen yanked the diildo out and pulled my knickers back up and let my dress drop down.

"There, that's you ready to go shopping" I heard David say, through a haze of pain

As the pain started to subside, the girls grabbed an arm each and marched me towards the front door. As we walked out into the street, the wind blew my short dress up, giving everyone a perfect view of my tiny thong. I tried to pull my arms free, but the two girls held on tight, preventing me from ending my embarrassment. We turned a corner onto Kensington High Street, and the front of my dress dropped down, but then the back blew up. Yet again the girls wouldn't allow me to pull the dress down.

After what seemed like an hour, we went into one of the fashion shops. It was a shop for teenage girls, and my heart sank when I saw the tiny short skirts on sale. Aly and Karen went round choosing things for me to try. Miniscule skirts, tiny dresses, see thru  tops, tiny string thongs. When they each had an armful, I was pushed off to the changing rooms.

Karen came into the cubicle with me, and gave me a tiny, thin skirt, and a see thru top to put on, but before I could put it on Karen undid my bra and made me take it off. The top was so sheer my nipples were clearly visible, and the skirt was so short it only came down about an inch below my crotch. It would be impossible to do anything without showing my panties.

I was unceremoniously pushed out of the cubicle and out into the store to show the guys.

"That looks nice" my master commented "Bend over and touch your toes so we can see if it's short enough"

I obeyed and realised that there was a group of men enjoying my display. David asked them their opinion, and they all concurred that they liked the outfit. I had to repeat the performance with several different outfits, and by the time I'd tried them all  on I'd gathered quite a crowd. Despite the humiliation, I actually got quite turned on by the end, although that was just further frustration, as there was no way I'd get satisfaction.

We paid for the outfits and walked out of the store, then into Cafe Nero for some coffee. My master made me sit on a high stool, and positioned my legs so anyone coming into the cafe could get a good look at my tiny panties. I didn't care, let them look.

After coffee we went off in search of shoes. I would have been naive if I hadn't realised that we would be looking for high heels, but OMG the shoes the girls were picking out for me were ridiculously high. I couldn't see how I would be able to walk in them. I tried on several different designs and colours, all of them too high, none of them comfortable, but the conversations were all about how they looked, what they would go with, and how they made my arse look. Eventually decisions had been made, and five pairs were bought.

"Pammy, put these on now, they're the lowest heels, to get you some practise. When we are home tomorrow, we need to go through all your shoes and put all the low heeled ones in a sack for the charity shop. From now on you wear high heels, all day, every day, even doing the housework"

"Yes Master"

So I tottered down Kensington High St in my new high heels. Every guy was checking out my bum, which was fine, but I was sure that at any moment I'd fall over onto a very hard pavement.

With shopping done, David wanted to go to Covent Garden to have a drink and probably to expose me to more people. Something happened on the way down to the tube station, however. I was following David and Rob, but in front of Karen and Aly, as we went down the steps. Suddenly my skirt seemed to be wrenched up behind me, caught on something, maybe the bannister. I completely lost my footing in the stupid shoes, and ended up lying on the steps, with my skirt up around my boobs. All of the lower half of my body was exposed to the throngs of people trying to manouevre around me.

"David, we'd better help the silly bitch, she's getting in everyone's way!"

"Good idea"

But instead of helping me up, David grabbed my ankles and lifted them so I was hanging from his hands and my skirt. Rob grabbed my legs as well and gave a hard tug. I heard a ripping sound behind me, and suddenly my skirt disappeared. I landed hard on my bum on the unforgiving steps, and before I could get a grip with my hands on the floor, David and Master set off down the steps, taking one leg each, and separating them slightly. I was almost naked below the waist, with my legs held apart, and I was being dragged down the stairs towards the platform, bouncing on my agonised bum, step after step. Suddenly I felt another tug, this time from my panties, and for a moment I was stopped from bouncing to the next step, but the cruel guys realised what had happened and gave a really hard tug on my ankles. There was another brief tearing sound, and suddenly I wasn't wearing any panties.

Once we reached the station platform the guys dragged me a little way on my ass, with every guy around staring between my legs at my shaved pussy, then they took an arm each and helped me to my feet. Mercifully, a tube arrived, and we were swept on in a crowd of eager men, who all jostled to get a grope of my bare arse.

Once on the train we were in a closely packed throng. Male hands were groping my arse, trying to get their fingers in my bum hole, and, worst of all, they were trying to get their fingers into my pussy. I knew the agony I'd feel if they succeeded, so I kept my legs clamped together, but I could feel feet trying to push between my ankles, and despite my efforts, they eventually got their feet insinuated and started edging my legs apart. Bit by bit, I was becoming exposed, and then it happened, a finger breached my defenses. It forced itself between my pussy lips and up into my defenceless vagina, and within seconds the bolt of pain hit my pussy, my clit and my nipples.

"Master, please turn it off, I'm in agony"

"Well you shouldn't have ruined your skirt and knickers, should you"

"Master please, it wasn't my fault, and I'm in agony"

"Good, get used to it"

I tried to get my hands free to push the guy's finger out, but my Master and David held firm to my arms. I felt a finger go into my arse hole, then my top was being lifted up to expose my breasts. David and Master lifted my arms up high, then whisked my to up and off, and threw it down the carriage, causing a cheer to go up throughout the carriage. 

The tube arrived at a station, the doors opened, and a few women got off, and a few men got on, and then the doors closed. A man in front of me was undoing his flies, and freeing his cock and he then bent slightly to enter me, as the guy with his finger in me withdrew. As the cock started to fill me, I felt another cock pushing at the entrance to my arse. My arms were back down at my sides, but still held firmly, as I was being double fucked. The agony continued as men groped my breasts, and squeezed my nipples.

In only a couple of minutes the two men fucking me exploded in orgasm, and were replaced by two different men. The pain became so great that I lost strength in my legs, but with my pussy and arse filled by two cocks, I remained upright.

The train stopped again, but no-one got off, and no-one could get on. The second guys finished inside me and as they withdrew I nearly collapsed, but David and Master held me up as two more took their place. I was starting to become faint from the pain, and Master must have realised, as the pain from the machine subsided a bit, although not enough to allow me some pleasure from the fucking.

I could see green fields outside the windows, so I knew we were out of London, as team after team of men took turns fucking me. My arse and pussy were becoming really sore. Master turned off the pain machine, which had become superfluous, but the fucking continued endlessly. Guys who had used me were relaxing on the seats, and then getting off when the train stopped, but a few new ones were getting on, and when they saw what was going on, they joined the queue. 

Finally, no one was left to fuck me and we were the last people in our carriage. I had collapsed to the floor and was too exhausted to move, but the girls picked me up and slipped a dress over my head. I had lost my new shoes in the action, but, luckily for me Aly found them and put them back on my my feet. I tried to stand, but couldn't manage it, so David and Master lifted me by my arms again.

We left the train, went over a bridge and down on the other side, and in a few minutes a train arrived heading back to London. We entered a car right at the back, which was empty, and I was dumped on the floor. I could feel cum oozing out of my abused pussy and arse as Aly and Karen got on their knees in front of the two dominant men, and started to give them blow jobs.

After a few minutes I passed out, and I don't remember anything else from that day.

I woke the next morning in an unfamiliar bed and looked up to see Davind naked, and sporting a huge erection. I realised that I was also naked, as he climbed into the bed beside me.

"Good morning Pam, now it's my turn"

He pushed me over onto my side, then I felt his cock exploring my injured arse.

"Oh God, please not there" I begged, but he ignored me at thrust inside.

It was agony, my arse was so badly injured and he was thrusting his huge cock up me. He didn't cum quickly, but pumped in and out of me in long powerful strokes. I screamed and screamed at the pain, but he ignored my begging and eventually he came inside me.

A few minutes later, with David still inside my arse, shrinking slowly, my Master walked in with Aly and Karen either side of him with their arms around him. His cock was still a little hard, but dangling down with some cum dripping out of the end, and the whole shaft glistening with the girl's juices. I was so jealous, but knew I no longer had any say in his sex life.

"What a fuss you made at being fucked by David, just because you had a few cocks up your arse yesterday"

"Sorry Master" I replied as David's cock finally slipped out of my bum.

"You need to learn some skills Pammy, these girls are much better in bed than you are"

"We can get them to give Pam some lessons Rob, using carrot and stick, what do you think?"

"I'm not sure we should use a carrot, wouldn't a cucumber be better?"

"Good idea, we'll start next weekend"


Pony Trials

Eventually my ordeal with the electronic pussy zapper was over and Master allowed me back into the house

"Go upstairs and put your trainers on, then go and stand in front of the garage doors, I've got a surprise for you"

"Just my trainers?"



"Sorry Master, yes Master"

"That's better, I perhaps should have left you longer on the zapper"

"Oh no please Master, I couldn't stand any more"

"Then shape up!"

I ran upstairs and hurriedley put my trainers on, then ran downstairs and out of the front door. We live down a very quiet lane, but I was still worried that I might be seen. Nothing I could do about it though. The garage door started to open from the inside, and there was my Masterhusband standing in front of some contraption with two wheels.

"Master, what is it?"

"It's a in pony and trap...only this one is designed for a pony girl, which in this case is going to be you. Come over here and I'll get you strapped in."

I walked over to where all the straps were and Master turned me with my back to the trap and started fitting the various leather belts to me. First a very wide heavy leather belt around my waist, bucled at the back and pulled very tight, compressing my waist in. Next a thin braided leather rope which went between my legs, attached to the belt at the front, then through a loop at the back, and then attached to the cart. My arms were pulled behind my back and strapped into cuffs. Finally Master approached me with what looked like reins attached to toothed bulldog clips.

"The rope between your legs is the power rope, which is what pulls the cart along"

"But it'll ride in and crush my clit"

"That's the idea! Don't worry, I've switched off the zapper, but you may find the rope gets quite painful after a while, but that's ok. Now these are the reins, which I'll be using to steer. These clamps go on your nipples like this"

"Oh Christ!!! Master they hurt!!"

"Ha ha..good, they're meant to"

Finally the poles which would keep the trap upright were attached yo metal loops on the side of my belt. Master climbed onto the seat, took the reins in his hands and pulled tight on them, causing yet more pain to my poor tortured nipples.

I felt a sharp sting on my bare arse, as my Masters whip cracked.

"Walk on"

Another crack of the whip convinced me to get started. As I moved forward I immediately realised that my pulling the trap entailed the leather 'power rope' pulling hard into my sex and my arse crack. In addition, as the trap rocked to and fro over the rough grond, my clit was getting rub by the course rope. I knew quickly that this ws going to become agonisingly painful very quickly. Master pulled on the rein attached to my left nipple, directing me to wheel left. I let out a squeal as the pull on the jaws of the clamp was extremely painful.


Another sting on my arse with the vicious whip, and then again. I pulled harder and got the cart moving a little quicker. As it gathered pace I broke into a jog. The pain from the rope on my clit, pussy lips and up the crack of my arse was becoming excrutiating. A new problem presented itself. My bra free breasts were bouncing around like crazy. I'm quite well endowed and would normally wear a sports bra for any exercise, and without it my tits were really starting to hurt.

Another hard yank on the left rein and I wheeled around again and came off the gravel drive and onto the short cut grass. As the trap mounted the edge of the lawn it gave a sharp tug on the rope, causing a really nasty friction burn on my clit. I didn't get long to think about it, however, as my Master started making a series of hard strikes to my already damaged bottom.

"Gallop, damn you, gallop!"

More strokes, again and again, he just kept hitting my arse. I picked up speed under his constant onslaught, the blows never ceasing or diminishing, I was running absolutely flat out, my tits were flying in all directions, and the whipping went on and on.

"Faster, gallup faster!!!"

I was getting out of breath and also panicking as I had no control, I was heading back onto the gravel drive, and as the trap landed from te lawn onto the drive, I completely lost my footing. With my hands secured behind me, and a heavy cart with a grown man on it pushing at my waist, I could do nothing to avoid landing face first on the gravel drive.

My knees hit first, skidding on the gravel, then my body went down and my tits hit the gravel, dragging the clamps off, my face bounced on the gravel and I tried to lift it clear, but then an enormous weight landed on to of me. It was my master, thrown from the cart. His momentum, and the cart still pushing me, meant that I skidded another couple of feet on the vicious stones. My tits were ripped, my thighs were scraped my nose and forehead were scraped. I was in agony.

My Master didn't move to get off me.

"You idiot!" he screames " I told you not to fall over, you could have hurt me, luckily I landed on something soft and stupid. Now get up and let's look at you!"

I tried to get to my feet but couldn't manage until my master helped me. Once up I realised how badly I had been damaged. "Good grief, you're covered in scratches! You really need to be more careful. I'm not going to waste time cleaning you up now, you'll just have to drip blood until after our training session. Let's get your reins clipped back on" I looked down at my breasts and realised that the tops of my tits were a mess of blood, and that the rein clamps had been torn off my nipples, leaving them a bloody mess. "Now this is going to hurt a bit" my master said, before re-applying the clips to my nipples. I screamed in pain as the sharp teeth bit into my damaged flesh. I felt the cart move as Master climbed back on, then felt double pain as he tensioned the reins, then a sharp sting on my rise cheeks, followed by the instruction to 'Walk on.' I started to walk slowly, and anticipated the whip on my bum with the instruction to trot, but it didn't come. "Whoa little pony" "Christ, what happened to her?" "She's covered in blood!" "We had a little crash" my master answered the questions of the two school boys who stood outside our open gate. "How old are you two?" "We're both 18, doing A levels" "Would you like a go driving the cart?" "Do we get to use the whip on her arse?" "Of course, the more the better" "Then we definitely want to drive her" My master gave them some general instructions on how to drive me, and then the first boy got on board, and we were off. He can't have listened to the instructions, or perhaps he was just sadistic, as he whipped my arse continuously, and just whipped harder when giving instructions. Soon we were on the home straight again, and my tits were hurting a lot more, due to all the damage, and my nipples were bleeding profusely, and in indescribable pain. "Gallop, faster, faster you lazy bitch" Yet again I was running at full bore, with the maniac child whipping my flying arse cheeks as frantically as he could. With the transition to the drive fast arriving, I was terrified that I would trip again. Miraculously, I just managed to stay upright, and a couple of seconds later the mad boy was hauling back on the reins, threatening to tear my damaged nipples right off. I slowed as quickly as I could, and came to a stop right by Master and the other boy. "Was that fun?" Master asked "Brilliant!" "Ok, your turn" Seconds later we were off again. This boy was less nasty, and I got round without incident. "So, I think my little pony should thank you guys for helping with the training session. On your knees pony." I dropped to my knees in front of the first boy. "Put your cock in her mouth and she'll give you a nice blow job" The boy opened his flies, and stuck his growing cock between my lips. "I'm afraid I need to pee first" "Not a problem, just pee in her mouth" "Cool" Almost instantly his sour hot piss hit the back of my throat. I almost choked, as a whole bladder load gushed down my gullet. Finally he was finished, so he grabbed me by the hair and started fucking my mouth. I had no chance for technique, he just used my throat as a pussy and fucked it. The only good thing was that he only lasted a couple of minutes before gushing a different liquid into my throat. Squirt after squirt of hot jism hit the back of my mouth and dribbled down into my stomach. "Your turn....try to make it last a bit longer" This boy didn't ask. The piss pored out of his penis and down my throat. Once finished he held my hair quite gently, as I massaged the head of his cock with my tongue. I gave him the best blow job I could manage, as thanks for him being more gentle with me. He lasted a little longer, then pumped copious buckets of cum into my mouth, and finally withdrew. I swallowed the sticky mess and started to get up. "Stay where you are, I need to pee in a moment. Ok guys, the fun is over for the moment, but if you leave me your numbers I'll get in touch to arrange an arse fucking party for you and some friends" The boys wandered off, as I took in what Master had said. He really was intending to have several school boys over to have a party fucking my arse. He unceremoniously relieved himself into my mouth, and then got on the cart for one last circuit. Exhausted, injured, and humiliated I returned to the garage, was released from the cart and sent upstairs to shower and tend to my wounds.

It was an awful experience. The final straw came when I tried to put some ointment onto my pussy lips and clit. Master had turned the zapper back on and I got a cunt destroying 15 seconds of total agony. My pussy lips and clit were bleeding and I could do nothing about it.

First Day as a Slave

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A New Life

And so, my new life had begun.

I did my best to cook a bolognese sauce, for the first time in years, whilst completely naked and sobbing wretchedly. My husband was now my master, and he reinforced the new situation by relaxing with a second whisky on the sofa in the lounge, reading the newspaper.
Eventually the meal was ready, and I set off to quickly run upstairs to the loo, as I needed to pee.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Upstairs to the loo"

"You really have a lot to learn! You must ask permission to use the toilet, and you have to refer to me as Master! Now go outside onto the lawn, stand with your hands on your head and your legs apart"

"Yes master, sorry master"

I sprinted outside and stood in the middle of the lawn as he had directed. It was below freezing, and I was even more desperate to pee. Suddenly I felt a jolt of pain somewhere deep inside, and my urine erupted out of my bladder in a hot, wet gush. The insides of my legs were soaked, my feet were soaked, and I felt completely humiliated.

"I can make you empty your bladder at the touch of a button, any time I feel like it. For that matter I can also choose to empty your bowels. Wetting yourself in public will be extremely embarrassing for you, but shitting yourself will be mortifying. If you are an absolute angel, I might not do those things to you very often."

I felt humiliated, degraded and wretched. How could I live my life like this.

"Come back into the house and serve dinner, I'm getting frozen out here. Don't forget to ask permission next time you want to go to the bathroom."

I followed my husband into the kitchen, with wet legs and feet.

"Please may I go and shower?"

"And drip your pee all through the house? Certainly not! When you are completely dry you can go and shower. Stand over there in the corner while I eat my dinner, and, by the way, once you are dry you'd better wash the kitchen floor, as you are dripping pee on it. After that you can probably shower, but check with me first"

"Yes master"

My new master settled down to eat his dinner, with a glass of red wine, and a book to read. I don't know whether he was staring at my naked arse or not, but I sensed that he was.

"This bolognese sauce is crap! You really need to get some practise cooking. I may have to cook for myself for a while, while you improve your skills. You can eat what you cook."

"Yes master" I said to the wall.

"You've still got a nice arse, but it'll look much better when I put some stripes on it. We can make a start after dinner.
Now, I need you to report your weight to me weekly, as you've allowed yourself to get a little chubby. If you don't consistently lose weight, I'll whip your pussy, which will also trigger the device to shock your unfaithful cunt"

My Masterhusband ate his meal quietly, while I stared at the wall, dreading the discipline and punishment session which was sceduled to be after his dinner. I certainly wasn't hungry, after everything that had happened.

"Well, I've managed to eat it, but it wasn't great. Do you think I should punish you for your crap cooking, as well as everything else?"

"I don't know master"

"Oh, I think I will. Why don't we go to the playroom you had me build. All the time I was building it I was planning to enjoy punishing you in it, so I kept that in mind while I was working. Everything adjusts to be used on you"

"You think of everything master"

"Ha bend over so I can attach you to the whipping frame"

"Please master, I'm not as brave as you"

"Good, I shall enjoy hearing you cry and beg"

"Yes master"

My Masterhusband secured me to the frame, which, as he said, adjusted to fit me. I was bent over and helpless. I heard a few swishes, practise strokes, and then the cane landed on my vulnerable arse. The pain was unbelievable, a stripe of fire across my exposed bum, which kept on stinging long after the hit, then another stroke, and more pain, he hit me again and again. The strokes were steady, with a slight pause between each, to let me fully appreciate the growing fire of multiple stripes across my soft, previously unblemished and creamy backside. I cried, I begged, I sobbed, I snivelled, but my new master just laughed. He was thoroughly enjoying himself.
Eventually he stopped. I could hear him dropping his trousers and briefs, then what sounded like a squirt, which was obviously KY lubricant. I felt his slippery cock nudging between my arse cheeks.

"No please, not there, I've already been fucked there today, and I'm sore"

"Why should I give a shit! You were happy for Paul to fuck you in the arse"

"That was different..."

"Well, this will be different too...I'm going to fuck you hard in the arse for as long as I possibly do your best to enjoy it!"

"Yes master"

He started to push into my already abused anus, then in and out, with increasing force. Then he slowed down and took long slow full strokes, obviously enjoying himself.

"By the way, I've been exacting a little revenge on Paul"

"Christ you're hurting me...what do you mean.."

"I've been fucking his wife...and his 18 yr old daughter!"

"Oh God! Please stop for a moment...I can't think while you keep fucking my ass"

"Ok, I'll pause...I was getting a bit close, I seduced his wife, then one time when I was there his daughter came home drunk, and she pulled me into her bed. She must have enjoyed herself as she rang me to ask me to take her out. I've been fucking them both for a few weeks. Anyway, some pics of you and Paul, inflagrenti, seem to have found themselves onto his facebook page, so I imagine there will be a bit of a showdown.  I think pics of me and wifey, and me and daughter will appear on their pages as well, which should be interesting"

"Oh God, how could you?"

"Look who's talking...anyway, let's get back to fucking!"

"Oh no! Please finish soon!"

"Not a chance!"

He went on fucking my poor sore arse for at least another fifteen minutes. I couldn't sob anymore, I was just dry heaving, but eventually he sped up to an agonising big finish, then just pulled out and left me. He went off to bed and left me bent over tied to the punishment frame.
In the morning he came in all bright and cheerful, slapped my striped arse, then proceeded to fuck my arse again. How did this happen to me? I wish so much that I could go back a few years and behave differently so my husband wouldn't feel the need to treat me like this.
But what is done is done.

The Trap

I'm totally in shock!

My whole life has been turned upside down!

Everything I believed to be true about my relationship with my husband has turned out to be false!

I don't understand how it happened or how I could have been so gullible!

It started Saturday morning. I woke feeling groggy, desperate to pee, and I couldn't move my arms or legs. As I gradually came to my senses I realised that I was tied spread eagle on my own bed. I was totally naked, and there was a strange feeing on my sex, as though something was sttuck to me. As I warily opened my eyes I saw my husband, fully dressed, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"What the hell's going on Rob?"

"What indeed..."

"Where's my remote, I'm going to fry your balls for this!"

"I'm afraid that won't be possible"

"Why, what have you done?"

"I've removed the device that Geoff made"

"How did you do that?"

"I had a key...I've always had a key, as I also had to the chastity cages you locked me in"

"But Geoff said I had the only key, apart from him"

"Well, that was true when he said it, but then he gave me his key"

"But why would he do that?"

"Because Geoff was working for me. He has always been working for me, and he's working for me now. Geoff, why don't you come in and join our little chat"

"Hi Pam, sorry about the deception"

"Why Geoff, don't you like me?"

"Of course I like you, and I enjoyed our sex together, but I only did it because Rob asked me to. The thing is, you gave me sex and a few hundred pounds, but Rob has made me rich. No contest really"

"So, Rob, this was all a sham?"


"But the machine hurt your balls so much, why would you volunteer for that?"

"In fact it didn't hurt much at all, I was acting"

"And all the weeks I kept you locked up, you had the key?"

"Yes I did, and I let myself out whenever I wanted, and had lots of sex, especially with your crazy friends"

"Which friends?"

"Sue and Sarah, and this last week Sonia as well. They didn't know my total plan but they loved that I was playing a trick on you, and they all enjoyed being wined and dined by me, and then fucked, of course, and getting little presents of jewellery and so on. I've been having lots of sex, thank you"

"Oh God!"

"Anyway, lets move things along as I know Geoff has things to do. Geoff, why don't you explain the new device"

"Ok Rob, well, to start off with, this isn't the new device, this is the first one I designed, built, and tested. In fact we tested it on your friends, and they confirmed that it was a terrifying dvice, then when they were safely free of it, their main query was, can they play with you, when it's permanently attached to you. We said yes, of course, so that's something to look forward to"

"The traitorous bitches!"

"So, anyway, I mentioned permanently attached. The device is superglued onto your mons, but it is also attached by thousands of infinitessimally thin carbon fibre wires which are woven from the device into your clit and inner and outer pussy lips. Theoretically, if you succeeded in pulling it off, as well as removing the skin from your mound it would rip your clitoris and both sets of pussy lips right off. You would never have any feeling between your legs again."

"Oh Christ, you bastards"

"It's no worse than what you thought you were doing to me love. What's good for the goose etc"

"Anyway, back to the technical info. It's basically similar to the one I made for Rob, except that the pain from this one will be real! If anything tries to enter your vagina, you will experience intense pain in your clitoris, all around the inside of your vagina, and also in your nipples, as there are mini devices buried under them. Equally, any attempted stimulation of your clitoris, or pussy lips, will have the same effect. Finally, if your nipples become aroused, you will experience intense pain in your nipples. Best not to get excited really"

"Oh God no...this is too cruel!"

"Not by your standards sweetness"

"Right, so, finally, Rob has a remote control which can give you these various agonies at will. I should have mentioned that small transmitters in Rob's finger tips, cock and tongue will disable the device, so, theoretically, he can fuck you, make you cum on his fingers, or lick you to ecstacy, although I don't imagine he'll be doing that very much, given the history of what you did to him"

"So, my love, now you know what your fate is. I suggest you be incredibly nice to me in the hope that I am merciful, but, as Geoff says, you weren't exactly merciful to me, so, don't get your hopes up"

"Oh, I forgot a few little things. Rob can arouse your clit, and even give you an orgasm at the touch of a button. I have to say though, that when we were testing the device on your friends, they found that after about four orgasms, being made to cum again and again, was more pain than pleasure. Also, if you have your mouth around Rob's cock, or he is fucking your pussy, you will experience some pleasurable sensations, but it won't allow you to cum."

"Thanks Geoff, that was very comprehensive. I think you had a special request?"

"Yeah Rob, as you know, the one thing Pam would never do for me is let me fuck her arse, so that's what I would like to do"

"No problem Geoff, why don't you untie her and I'm sure she'll beg you to fuck her in the arse"

"Ok Rob, will do"

"There's no way I'm asking him to fuck me there!"


"Sorry, I mis-heard you"

"Please don't do that again..."


"Please Geoff, would you like to fuck my tight arse?"

"I'd love to, roll onto your stomach"

"You kids have fun, I'm going to pour myself a large whisky"

"Right Pammy dear, let's see what all the guys have been missing. I've put some lube on, so it shouldn't hurt too much, oh, by the way, try not to get aroused or you'll get a shock. Literally!"

Seconds later Geoff climbed onto the bed and presented his hard slippery cock to my reluctant arse. I have been fucked there before, but that was different, I was enjoying the idea of my bull lover, and I knew I was going to get to cum. The idea of having my arse fucked and getting nothing out of it myself was horrifying.

As he pushed in to me, I felt violated, abused, used. Then as he started to slide slowly in and out I felt something much worse. I realised that I was getting aroused. My pussy was getting warm and wet, and my nipples, which were getting rubbed on the bed cover by Geoffs in and out motion, were starting to engorge. I didn't know how aroused they could get before I got a shock, but I soon found out.

"Aaarrrhhh!!! My tits!!!"

"Wow, that feels fantastic when you jiggle and scream like that!"

"Please make it stop!!"

"I can't and if I could I wouldn't. It feels too good!"

I grabbed the headboard wooden bars with all my might to try to stop my nipples being rubbed on the bed, and eventually it worked, and like a light switch, the pain stopped. Seconds later I felt Geoff cum in my rectum. I could feel his unwanted warm splashes inside my arse, as he took his selfish pleasure. I was just starting to relax a little as his cock shrank and crept out of my abused bum, when my pussy and clit were hit by a wall of pain. I thought my clit would explode right off my body, and the inside of my vagina contracted in unbelievable agony.

"Well that got your attention...I just thought I would see how much a setting of six would hurt, it actually goes up to ten"

"Please Rob, shut it off"

"Ha ha...just a few more seconds to punish you for letting Geoff fuck your arse"

"But you told me to"

"Who says I have to be fair, you never were. Ok, that'll do for now. What do you say"

"Thank you!"

"Thank you master"

"Thank you master"

"Now go and start cooking something nice for my dinner, while I see Geoff out. Don't put your clothes on...stupid woman"

As I dropped my clothes back onto the floor, my clit got a little jolt. Not agony, but definitely painful. I scurried off to the kitchen. wondering what I was going to cook. It was so long since I'd cooked that I was completely out of practise. I could hear Geoff and Rob discussing something, but I'd no idea what it was. I'm sure it wasn't something that I'd like.

While cooking a mediocre Spag Bol, I reflected on my new situation and soon I found myself sobbing. I ruined a beautiful marriage, and my husband was in a position to axact his revenge. My life would be hell.

Technology is Wonderful

We are about to have a serious change in our circumstances. Hubby is selling his business and he is effectively going to retire, as he will get more than enough money for us to live a very comfortable retiement. At the moment I'm not kean on retiring, as I enjoy my job, and also because it brings me in contact with lots of attractive men, who I can and do seduce.
Anyway, I've known that this was happening for a few weeks, and there was something I needed to get done before the sale goes through. One of my husband's technical people is a nice looking guy in his thirties called Geoff, and even though he is married to a gorgeous woman, he was easy to seduce, and I've slept with him half a dozen times over the last six months, without hubby or Geoff's wife finding out.
So, I needed Geoff to make something for me. The company is involved with making hi tech, and highly secret equipment for the military, and Geoff could, therefore, develop something special for me. He already knew the sort of relationship hubby and I had, so he was happy to make me something without anyone else knowing.
Basically, what I got him to do is to modify a chastity belt, similar to the one hubby normally wears. The new one was a lot more interesting.
Without being too technical, it comprises a number of electrical pads that surround hubby's cock and balls. There is a rechargeable battery pack built in, and a generator that operates from any movements that hubby makes. Finally there is a CPU which received instructions from a remote control and administers shocks as directed.
About a week ago, I swiched hubby's cage over, when he was out for cleaning. He noticed the change as soon as it was on, because he was no longer loose but had various pads pressing against his cock and his balls.
In addition to the remote, there is a computer program which can be used to alter a whole load of settings, and the first one I experimented with was a severe jolt of pain to his cock and both balls if he starts to get an erection. Pressure pads at the tip react as he gets a little erect. Just to try it out I started passionately kissing him, using lots of tongue, and groping his bum. After only a few seconds he screamed and dropped to the floor, writhing around in agony. I made a mental note, level 4 gives extreme pain.

" I've had a device made for your retirement present. I can program it to give you shocks like that one, or lots of other variations, and i don't even have to be with you, so when you are home alone, and I'm in some other part of the country, you'll know that I'm thinking about you from the pain programs I'm sending you. I can also pre-program it, so when I'm away you will get reminders to be good. The erection setting is permanent, so any time you get an erection in your cage, you'll get that lightening bolt to your cock and balls. What do you think of it?"

"Christ, who made it?"

"I'm not going to tell you"

"If I get a shock every time I swell, it'll make me impotent!

"Probably, that's sort of the idea"

"Won't the batteries go flat?"

"No, that's one of the brilliant things. When you move it charges the batteries. Maybe if you could stay perfectly still through the jolts it might go flat eventually, but you won't be able to, so that isn't a worry. By the way, there a range of settings which will make you cum. I'm told it won't be very enjoyable, and will only last about 20 seconds, but you will cum. It saves all the bother of me letting you out and wanking you. Obviously my punishments can now be instantaneous."

"I don't know whether I can live with this."

"You have no choice. Now, I've got some friends coming over soon, you've entertained one of them before, the other is Sonia, who apparently has just left her husband as he was fucking her best friend. When they are here we are going to play with all the settings and see how it all works, so it will be quite a fun day for us, and perhaps Sonia will get some cathartic pleasure from making you scream in agony"

"Oh God, you can't be serious?"

"Oh I assure you that I am. Just so you know, the maximum setting will destroy your balls in about 10 seconds. The next setting down would take 30 seconds, after which there would be no more cum. Also, I should warn you that if you need to wee when your little winky gets a shock, you will probably wet yourself."

"There was something else, oh yes, if you need to drive anywhere you must ask my permission, otherwise you may have an accident from a shock. are the girls"

"Hubby, pour some of the Denbies bubbly for the three of us. You'll need to hold on to the glasses carefully, in case you get a shock."

I explained to the girls how the device worked, and they were extremely happy to be having an afternoon terrorising my husband.

Hubby came out from the kitchen carrying two glasses of the bubbly for the girls. When he was half way across the lawn I flicked on a low power pulse pain to his balls, but set it to repeat twice a second, and to increase strength quite quickly. He immediately dipped, but managed to only spill a drop of the wine. He was receiving pulses of pain but had to get the wine to the girls. He half ran in a sort of odd crouch towards them, and handed the glasses over as quickly as he could then dropped to the ground in agony. The pulses were about 3.5 by the time I switched it off.

"Where's my drink and why are you lying on the floor instead of getting it?"

"Sorry my love"

I zapped his cock with a long bolt of level 3, causing him to crash back to his knees in agony again. The girls were in histerics, laughing over this poor clown who kept falling over.

"As soon as you've brought my drink you can start the barbeque sweet heart.

"Ok my love"

"I'm going to set the controller for a random program, but with a maximum level of 3, so you should be able to cook through it, if you aren't too much of a wimp"

"Thank you my love"

That made the girls laugh even more, that he was thanking me for the pain he was going to suffer.

We three naughty girls nearly wet ourseves laughing at hubbys valiant attempts to cook on the barbeque, whilst constantly being felled by the device. The random program was a joy to watch. The first setting hit him hard in the balls with a ten second burst of pain at level three (my i pad has an app which monitors what the machine is doing), so he was rolling around on the lawn before he even started, then he got a series of jolts to his winky seperated by variable periods, meaning he had no idea when it would happen next. He kept dropping whatever he was holding and clutching pointlessly at his suffering penis.

After an age, he finally managed to cook us some food, but I had to inform him that it was the worst barbeque he'd ever cooked. His punishment was to be locked against the fence by his wrists facing us, and to have a ten second level three shock to his balls and cock every minute while we were eating. I had t o put my panties in his mouth with a gag to hold them in, as we couldn't hear ourselves talk for his screaming.

House Sitting

Back in June, I had to go to a trade fair for nearly a week. I didn't want to leave hubby to his own devices, and I really wanted to stretch his ability to obey me. I had kept him without an orgasm for four weeks, so I knew he had to be climbing the walls with frustration, so he would do almost anything to get relief, so I wanted to push him to the limit of what he would do.

The one thing he always tells me he is unhappy with, is when I make him do stuff with gay guys, so I thought that would be the ideal thing to do, and when I bumped into one of the three guys who'd come for dinner and cum in hubby's arse and mouth a couple of months before, I suggested my plan and he jumped at it.

Saturday morning and as I was almost ready to leave, I stroked hubby's balls, giving him a painful caged erection.

"Ok, my love, you're going to be quite busy this week"


"I've arranged for some guys to house sit while I'm away"

"I don't understand, I'll be here?"

"I know, but you'll be busy"

Just then a car arrived, so I sent hubby to open the door. He came back looking downcast, followed by the three gay guys.

"Great, just in time, I was explaining to hubby that you guys are going to house sit for me, as he is going to be really busy. So, husband dear, first the great news. I'm leaving my key to your cage with the guys, and they have permission to make you cum as much as they like, or as little, of course. They've promised they'll lock your wrists whenever they unlock the cage, but then they can do what they want with you. Now the not so great news. You will have to do anything they want. Please them in any way they want, whenever they want, to try to suggest to them that you deserve an orgasm."

"Oh God..." he groaned

""Best not to start with a negative attitude sweetheart. Obviously they're going to fuck your tight little arse every day, and I'm sure they'll expect your mouth to spend a lot of time sucking their cocks, but I thought there should be something more, so I've suggested the guys hold a party tonight and invite a few friends. They've brought a sweet maid's outfit for you, but it doesn't cover much. You'll prepare buffet food and get the house ready, and then at the party you can serve drinks, give blow jobs, get fucked in the arse, and at some point they've planned a punishment game, where every one of the guys gets to punish you in some way. At the end of the evening they're going to vote for what happens to you. With luck you might get a lovely blow job. On the other hand they may just take turns kicking your balls."

"Any questions?"

"No my love"

"Jolly good, then I'll be off. Have fun guys, and don't be too easy on him, he's used to be used and abused"

"By sweety, have fun, hope your arse doesn't get too sore!"

Garden Party

With the weather improving, I decided to invite my female friends to come for an afternoon in the garden playing with hubby. The weekend before they were due I gave hubby a design of something I needed him to make. It was a variation on the standard humbler, in that it was a two piece wooden plank, hinged and with a slot to hold his balls pulled back between his legs, so that he would be stuck in a kneeling position. In additition it had a wooden base plate, that he would kneel on. The plate had a hook, and so did the bottom of the humbler, and by putting two cable ties together I could pull his balls down towards the base plate, making him doubly uncomfortable.

Before the girls arrived I got hubby onto our garden table in a kneeling position, put a stool under his chest and secured his arms to the table legs. He was then immobilised, and I could remove his cock cage securely. I applied the humbler, and used the cable straps to drag his balls as far towards the base plate as I could. He was then in some pain, and couldn't move an inch in any direction without worsening the pain. In addition, his balls were presented prominently behind his thighs. I gave them a little tap with my hand, not that hard, honest :) He shreiked in agony. Dear oh dear, there was much worse to come for the poor lamb.

"I've invited Sue and Sarah to a garden party. Do you rember how much fun you had with them last time?"

"Oh God, please no...not them"

"I didn't invite Donna as she was such a wimp. I'm just going to put this gag in your mouth, so we don't upset the horses"

That was the end of the conversation for hubby.

"High girls, so glad you could come and help me entertain hubby. I'm afraid he can't really greet right now, as he's a bit tied up"

Both the girls giggled and moved towards hubby's exposed arse and balls.

"Why don't you both give him a couple of taps on his balls with that wooden spoon"

"Wow Sue, that wasn't gentle at all, did you see the way he jumped. It's just as well I gagged him, or we'd have the police round. Sarah, you'd better do one just as hard, so it's fair"

"Well, I think that may have been even harder, look at him crying his eyes out. Right, let's get on to the first game"

"Oh, brilliant!" shreiked Sarah

"What are we going to do?" asked Sue.

I lit a little T light, and placed it on the table under his belly button. It was too far away to affect him much, but if he had an erection...

"Sarah, you caress his balls and make him hard, I'm going to stroke his cock, so he's really hard. When I give the word, we both step back and Sue can hit his arse as hard as you can with his leather belt. The object of the game is to get his cock into the flame. You have your hit Sue, then we all rotate. The winner is the one who gets his cock the most in the flame"

"Wow, that's so hot!" exclaimed Sarah.

"I can't believe she said that" quipped Sue

Sarah and I began our stimulation, and hubby was so horny and frustrated that he had a huge rock solid erection in mere seconds. I gave the call and Sarah and I removed our hands simultaneously. Sue brought the belt in a swinging arc so fast and hard that it made a whistling sound as it cut through the air. In less than a second it impacted on hubby's exposed arse with a crack like a pistol shot. Although it was all over in about one second, I watched the action as though it was in slow motion. A fraction of a second after the impact of the belt, hubby let out an animal scream, and, although he knew what was coming and had tensed himself not to move, he couldn't help himself jerking forwards. At first, his hard swinging cock went backwards, as it didn't keep up with his forward jerk, but, before he could move back out of harms way, his cock swung forwards in an arc right through the flame, then it slowed to a stop and as he moved back his cock travelled back through the flame. He couldn't stop screaming and crying at the extreme pain, and as he stopped in his rear most position, we could all smell a slight hint of burnt man cock.

"That was so cool!" exclaimed Sarah

"Make up your mind, is it cool or hot!" replied Sue, a little sharply

"OK girls, let's stick to the game" I interjected "Maybe we should have a forfeit for the loser, what do you think?"

"I'm not sure" replied Sarah, her voice quivering a little

"I think that's a great idea"  Sue replied " What will it be?"

"I think the loser should sit with a lit candle in her pussy during the next game" I suggested " She will then be praying that the game ends before the flame reaches her clit. What do you think Sue?"

" I think that sounds brilliant" Sue offered, obviously confidant that it would be either Sarah or me.

"Ok, your go now Sarah"

Sue was now stroking hubby's cock, and I was fondling his balls. Despite his damaged cock head, he got hard in about one minute, and Sue gave the call. Sarah used all her strength behind the belt, but she hadn't got Sue's strength by a long way. Hubby's cock swung near the flame, but didn't actually reach it. In fact he didn't even cry out in pain.

"Oh Christ!" Sarah exclaimed "Now I'm fucked"

"Relax" Sue suggesteds " Pam may not be that strong"

"Fat chance" Sarah said dejectedly.

I was starting to wonder what burning clit smelled like.

"Your go now Pam" Sue instructed, sharing a conspiratorial smile

I was determined not to risk losing, so I had a plan.

We all got into our positions, and after a couple of minutes hubby was hard as a rock again.

"Go!" shoted Sarah

I brought the belt down with all my force. As with Sue, there was a whistling sound, and a crack when it hit home.  Hubby jolted forwards, and as with Sue his cock went through the flame, with a sizzling sound and muffled screams from him, then back through with the same sounds, so I knew I'd at least come second, but I had my plan. I immediately dropped the belt, and as he reached his furthest  position from the flame, I thumped his balls as hard as I could. He squeeled into his gag, and jolted forward again. Through the flame for the second time, then back through. It occurred to me that his cock would take a hell of a long time to recover from this, but I realised that I really didn't care. The world is full of big hard cocks desperate to get near my pussy.

"Well" started Sue "I think it's pretty clear that Pam won that one, with me secound, and Sarah looking forward to a red hot clit, what do you think Pam?"

"I agree, but I think we'll have lunch before the next game, it's all prepared and on the kitchen table, so if you girls bring it out, I'll arrange things to keep hubby entertained while we eat".

I next attached a candle to a spike hubby had put on the humbler, above his balls. This left the candle at an angle so that as it burned down it would get closer to burning above his balls, and hot wax would land on his balls. I put a second candle under his balls, again on an angle so that as it burned down it would get nearer to being under his balls, and therefore cooking them. Finally, I placed another angled candle under his winky, so that as that burned it would get nearer to cooking the head of his cock, which was already quite badly burned.

What I hadn't spotted was that the candle under hubby's balls was warm enough to start melting the one above his balls, so within ten minutes hubby was letting out a staccato scream as hot wax dripped onto the back of his balls.

"What if we haven't finished lunch when the flames reach their targets?" Sarah asked

"Then he'll get badly burnt" I replied, smiling "and I know what you're really asking. If we haven't finished our game when the flame reaches your clit, will we rescue you or allow your clit to be destroyed by fire"

"Yes..please tell me you won't let me lose my clit"

"Do you think I'd be prepared to damage my husband, but not a girl I hardly know? That's why I made you sign those waivers. Your big worry should be how hard we'll be trying to finish"

"Oh God!" Sarah wailed. Sue and I just smiled at each other, and I started to get a tingly wet, warm, pussy, especially when I remembered our kiss at the end of the last session. Letting Sarah's clit burn to a crisp was a very sexy idea!

Sue and I chatted away over lunch, while Sarah barely ate and said nothing. Hubby kept screaming through his gag, as the wax dripped constantly. He started to try to move forward, as the candle under his balls was getting closer and closer to his balls, but moving caused his already burnt penis to get near it's flame. What a perfect dilema for him.

Just when we could start to smell burning flesh from hubby's ball sac, Sue announced herself finished. I blew the candles out, and gave hubby's balls a friendly smack, just where the burning was worst, cuasing the loudest scream yet. Sue and I laughed, but Sarah didn't.

"Right" I announced "Let's get hubby set up for the last game"

We secured hubby's arms behind his back, unclamped him from the humbler and moved him over to the garden fence. I tied a rope tightly around the base of his balls then fed the rope up and around the top of a fence post, and then pulled on the rope repeatedly, to pull his balls upwards. I kept pulling until he was on tip toes, then tid it off.

"Right Sarah, now for you, Strip naked, then sit in this chair, put your arms on the arms and open your legs"

Sarah did as she was told, and I secured her arms and lifted her legs up over her arms and tied them to the chair. I got one of the candles we'd been using earlier and slid it into her dry resisting pussy. It stuck out about 3" pretty much horizontal, and lit easily.

"OK Sue, the object of the game is to hit hubby with the cane and belt, anywhere on his body. The winner is the one who gets him completely off his feet for a count of five. Sarah can do the count. It must be 'one and, two and...' If you count too quickly you'll start again, ok?"

"Yes" she replied, a little petulantly I thought.

"OK Sue, you can start"

Sue started to belt hubby's arse, quite hard, but making no attempt to make him fall.

"Please Pam, this isn't fair, she isn't even trying to win" wailed Sarah

"I'm just wearing him down, we've plenty of time"

"You bitch!" shouted Sarah, really starting to panic.

Sue continued her turn, trying a bit harder now, hitting hubby's calved from the side, cuasing him to lose his footing and hang from his balls, screaming his head off, but Sarah only got as far as two and and hubby was back on his feet.

"Oh God!, Oh God! My clit's really hot...please guys!"

I looked at Sarah's pussy, and as I did her hairy bush started to burn, giving off a pungent smell of burnt hair.

"My turn" I said to Sue.

I launched a final offensive on hubby, hitting the bottom of his feet, then his calves, causing him to completely lose his footing. I kept hiting his feet, so he couldn't get a grip.

"Count Sarah!" I shouted, but she was screaming

"My clit's burning! Oh God! My clit's burning"

"Count Sarah!"

And she did.

"One and, two and, three and, four and, five and!!!"

"OK" I said, "let's put her out of her misery"

"Not quite yet" Sue replied, taking me in her arms and kissing me passionately. She got her hand up under my dress as she kissed me. Her fingers found my sopping wet panties and slipped under the gusset and started flicking my clit very fast, as her tongue explored my mouth. All the while Sarah was screaming about her burning clit, and I could smell the burning flesh and hair.

I was so horny and turned on, and Sue's fingers were so skilful, that I came in less than a minute, a wonderful, thrilling, leg weakening orgasm. Sue left me to slump into a chair, and got on her knees to blow out the candle which was burning Sarah's pubic hair and the flesh of her clit and it's little hood. Even then, in position to blow it out, she hesitated a moment, savouring Sarah's screams.

I just watched as Sue untied Sarah, threw her clothes at her and told her to phone a taxi.

"You might want to put some cream on your clitty, it doesn't look to great" she suggested, with a little giggle "I think it'll be a while before she cums again Pam"

"If ever" I added

"We'll let you know when we want to play with you again" Sue continued

"Yes miss" Sarah answered.

I was amazed. Ithought she'd take off, but she was accepting her submission to us! I was starting to get horny again.

"What about him?" Sue asked, looking at hubby, who had finally regained his feet, and was back on tip toes.

"Oh, we can leave him there" I answered "He won't run away"

So we left hubby attached to the fence, and Sarah crying as she dressed, and we went to bed for my first girl on girl sex.


The Barbeque

Since it was nice and sunny a couple of weekends back, I decided to have a barbeque. I invited my three girl friends and tasked hubby with cooking us a fab meal. Of course, I insisted he be naked for the whole thing, and I even allowed him to be out of his cage, however, he had to pee in the garden, where we could all see him. I didn't want him having a sneaky wank in the loo!

I tasked the girls with keeping him erect, the whole time he was cooking, so they took turns to stand next to him and stroke his cock. Since he hadn't had an orgasm for two weeks, that was extremely frustrating for him, but, of course, fantastic fun.

In addition to the stroking, we all had a go at shoving him towards the flaming Weber, cock first, and a couple of times he just touched it with the head of his dick. As you can imagine he swore loudly when that happened, but the wounds weren't serious and he stayed erect.

During the meal we kept him erect, with occassional strokes, which quite put him off his food.

With the meal over, and quite a lot of champagne drunk, I proposed a game. We have an area of decking, with a picket fence around it, and a gate. I think it was for a hot tub for some previous owner, but now it has no use, however, that weekend it suddenly had a use.

I locked hubby's hands behind his back, then told the girls to strip naked, which caused a lot of giggling. Next I handed each of them a cane, and explained the rules.

The idea was to inflict punishment on hubby with the canes. The only legitimate targets were his arse, his cock and his balls. They were to be in competition, not co-operation, and I would declare a winner at the end, who would get the benefit of hubby's hard work the following weekend on whatever project they wanted to set him. That got them interested, they were all talking about decorating, gardening etc.

Hubby's task was to try to get out of the gate, although I didn't think that would happen.

I shoved hubby onto the deck, then sent the girls after him, explaining that his balls were the primary target, then his cock, and lastly his arse. I also mentioned that since it was a serious competition, there was nothing wrong with them hitting each other if it gave them an advantage.

Anyway, it started simply enough with hubby running away to the other side of the deck, and the girls following him. Then he darted through them, and he was surrounded in the middle of the deck. Sarah wacked his cute arse with her cane, causing a pretty stripe, and as he jumped forward, Donna hit his prick with her cane, which caused him to stagger back slightly, losing his balance. As he tried to regain his balance he parted his legs, and Sue was quick to bring an upstroke from behind, getting him squarely in the balls.

Poor hubby nearly lost it at that point, but he managed to recover, and seeing Sarah in front of him, quite near the fence , he charged her, whacking her bare arse hard into the fence, and leaving only his bare arse available to the other girls. They took turns giving him a whack on his butt, and with each whack he pounded into Sarah, and I realised he was humping her stomach with his cock.

There was no way Sarah was going to let him get away with that, so she shoved his shoulders hard, sending him back about a foot, and again, off balance. As he regained his balance he headed forward towards her again, but this time she was ready, and brought her knee up hard between his legs, full force into his unprotected balls.

She felled him like a tree. Suddenly he was on the ground in the foetal position, trying to get his breath. At that point something strange happened. Sue swung her cane at full force and hit Donna right across both breasts, then Sarah unleashed her cane on Donna's pert arse, the the two girls launched an avalanche of blows on poor defenceless Donna. Eventually Donna fell to the floor and both of her opponenets grabbed a leg each and pulled up and apart.

Donna's pretty pussy was wide open, and they wasted no time before aiming blow after blow onto her pussy, causing Donna to scream and beg for them to stop. By this time hubby had recovered and was standing watching, with a huge, gorgeous erection. I was quite tempted to grab him and fuck him, but I didn't think I would risk it.

Eventually, they stopped caning Donna's pussy, and told her to stay away, as they rounded on hubby. At least Sarah rounded on hubby, but Sue turned to be behind Sarah and gave her a flying cane on her well rounded  posterior. Sarah turned to fight back, but Sue was too fast as she charged Sarah, pushing her back towards the fence. Once at the fence Sue dropped down slightly and bit Sarah's right breast. Sarah was pushing Sue, trying to get her off her beast, but Sue used her position to grab both of Sarah's ankles and lift, letting go with her mouth as Sarah started to be tipped back over the fence. In less than a second, Sarah was over the fence and landing hard on her front on the concrete patio.

Sue had clearly won, and now she rounded on my defenceless and cowering husband. By this point I was so wet between the legs, I suspect if she'd asked permission to kill him, I would have given her the thumbs up.

Hubby spun round to have his back to her, but, instead of caning his arse she charged him. As her body rammed into him, he was propelled at the fence. His cock, still slightly erect, shot through the gap between the boards, but his balls were too big, and crashed into the wood, causing him to scream in agony. Sue was in control, however, and she reached round him, to the other side of the fence and grabbing his balls, she yanked them roughly through the narrow gap, causing more screaming.

With his cock and balls stuck through the panels of the picket fence hobby was a comical sight, but as Sue moved around him a little, still holding him in position with her left arm, she got far enough round to bring her cane to bear ontohi shrunken cock, and vulnerable balls. She whacked again and again.

I had my fingers in my panties, furiously rubbing my clit, so it was a little while before I came to the rescue of my poor hubby. Finally I went over the edge and came, and as I finished climaxing, I told Sue to stop.

She also looked pretty flushed, as she dragged hubby back through the fence and let him fall to the floor. I told her she had done brilliantly, and that she could have hubby all the next weekend, and do whatever she wanted with him. The other two girls were very quiet and slipped away, but Sue and I had a lot more champagne before we went off to bed. I locked the door and left hubby to recover naked on the deck.

Pam's Pony

It's funny that I mentioned the Wooden Pony the other day, and one of my 'friends' on EP, djonlothario, has just written a story about it. I've no idea why he's my 'friend' as he seems very cruel, yet in some way he does excite me.
Anyway, I've decided to exact revenge on hubby for Djon's cruelty to his two women. I guess it isn't fair to punish hubby, but I don't care, it's what I want to do.
I've sketched a design for a pony for men, and I'm going to tell hubby to make it. There's something deliciously pleasurable about making him create his own torture device.
Instead of the sawhorse style, I've decided to make it from a fence post suspended horizontally by chains at each end, attached to the ceiling. There'll be a collar attached to the middle which will lock hubby's balls to the post, directly between his legs, and the post will be adjustable on the chains so I can raise and lower it. I'll also attach hubby's wrists, in cuffs, to the chain behind him.
The way it works is he'll step over the post, so it's between his legs, adjust it so his balls are resting on the post and  attach them to it by the collar. Next I'll tell hubby to stand on tip toe, and adjust the post higher until it lifts his balls up to his body, but isn't really uncomfortable.
After that I can relax, have a glass of wine, maybe watch tv, and wait for the groans as his legs give out and he can't avoid lowering his weight onto his balls. I'm getting wet just imagining it!
It would be nice to invite friends round when he's on the pony, they could cane him, kick his legs out from under him and other cruel things :)

My weekend was lovely up until Sunday night, then it went downhill fast. Saturday we went shopping for clothes for me to wear to the dinner dance for that evening. I got a rather sexy leopard print dress, a bit thin and nearly see thru, but I liked how sexy I felt in it. I got hold up stockings, and a lovely bra & thong set, which I wore with high heels.
Hubby said I looked fabulous and griped about being so horny in his cage. I ignored him and we went out.
We were on a table of four other couples, who we didn't know, and the guys were paying me a lot of attention, and I got a bit drunk on Prosecco, so when the dancing started I accepted all the offers of dances, and told hubby to stay in his seat and watch.
The other wives weren't very happy, so after a while I started dancing with some lovely young men who had drifted into our room from a wedding party. I flirted outrageously, and kept glancing at hubby sitting alone at our table - the other couples had wandered off as I had instructed him not to speak to anyone.
At one o'clock the dancing ended, and two gorgeous guys escorted me to our car, with hubby trailing along behind. Once at the car they took turns kissing me passionately, whilst groping my ass, feeling my nipples, then I had one in front of me kissing me, and one behind lifting my dress. I felt amazing, I soon had a finger in my pussy, and another from the guy behind me, up by bum hole.
Eventually I broke away, and hubby drove me home in silence.
Once home, I had him lick me to a fantastic orgasm, and then I crashed to sleep.
The next day, I had a long lie in, but shoved hubby out of bed to finish making the hanging pony. It took him until late afternoon, and then he had a lot of house cleaning to do, so I cooked dinner and we ate at about 9pm. Hubby had some wine, and several whiskies, then he went off on a rant about having to do all the domestic work, about me humiliating him with those guys the night before and so on. I just went to bed, and didn't speak to him Monday morning, but decided that  we would christen the pony that evening, and that I would be far more cruel than usual!

Monday evening I arrived home around 7pm as usual, and hubby had already cooked dinner, laid the table, bought me flowers and chocolates. He knew he was in big trouble.

I told him that it was lovely that he'd gone to such trouble, but that it wasn't yet quite enough, so that while I would certainly be enjoying the dinner he'd made, he would unfortunately have more pressing matters to attend to. That's a little cruel joke from me :)

I held my hand out for my glass of white wine, Chablis tonight I see, very nice, chilled properly too. He was really putting in an effort to soften my heart. No chance of that!

I crooked my finger as I walked to the play room I'd had him create, and he followed meekly, and with resignation, but not yet the terror my intentions deserved. When we were beside the wooden pony (perhaps swinging pony is more appropriate, or Pam's Pony), I reminded him that he would have to stand on tip toes and try to resist putting his weight on his balls. He said he understood, and climbed on board.

I cuffed his hands behind him and attached the cuffs to the vertical chain, then strapped his balls into the collar over the post, lifted the post up so that his balls were in contact with the post and his body, and instructed him to stand on tip toes, giving the post a sharp upward jerk to remind his balls that he should know what to do. Finally  I had him on his toes, with nowhere to go but down onto the post. I then parted his ankles with a spreader bar, which lowered him a fraction, putting a little pressure on his balls. Discomfort but not agony.

I then explained that I was going to have some more wine and a lovely long soak in a hot bath, followed by more wine, and his lovely dinner, after which, Drambuie in hand, I would come back to him to see if I could help him enjoy himself. So saying, I gave the swing a good hard push lengthways, which whisked poor hubby's legs out from under him, dropping him heavily onto his balls. He screamed as the swing hit it's full travel and his feet were lifted completely clear of the ground, crushing his balls under his full weight.

As I walked to the bathroom I could hear intermittant screams, as the swing lifted him up and dowm. After a few minutes he managed to stop it swinging and he was then silent for a while.

I poured some more Chablis, as the bath ran, added bath salts, then lowered myself into the hot, scented foamy water. I relaxed, sipped my wine, and listened to hubby's heavy breathing from the nearby play room. I had a lovely soak, and actually drifted off to sleep for a few moments. When I woke, I could hear hubby's breathing getting more like panting, as he tried to keep control of his legs. The contrast between his situation and mine seemed exquisite, and I couldn't resist a gentle stroke of my nipples, and then between my legs. As I stroked up and down my pussy lips, and teased my clit, I soon got aroused, and it took a huge effort of willpower to stop playing and get out of the bath. I didn't want to get all satisfied though, as I wouldn't feel like being so cruel.

I was tempted to pop my head in to see how he was doing, but I thought it better to leave him to his private torment and just listened at the door for a few moments. He was clearly getting exhausted, as his panting was now interspersed with slow groans. He was obviously now having to rest his weight on his balls for short periods to relieve his aching legs. I was pleased my planning was working out so well.

I warmed my dinner, and added the pre-mixed sauce which hubby had made, warmed the combination carefully and poured it over the rice. It was one of my favourite meals, and one of hubby's specialities. Cubes of chicken breast, cooked with celery and white wine, then thickened with an egg and lemon sauce. Basically a Greek dish, but hubby has tweaked it slightly. The Chablis was perfect for the meal, and by the time I'd finished eating, I'd finished the bottle.  I realized that I was a little bit tipsy, and I know how hubby hates it when I get drunk before torturing him, as I tend to lose my inhibitions, and go a bit over the top. Well, more than a bit, in fact, more like totally over the top! Ha Ha...

Anyway, I poured myself a generous measure of Drambuie, a Scotch whisky based liqueur, for those who don't know, and sauntered up the stairs towards the play room. The sounds coming out were quite a lot more serious now. Hubby had been on the swing for more than one and a half hours, and clearly his legs were almost totally unable to lift him clear of the post. The groaning had now turned to crying and begging, which was music to my ears, and as I walked into the room he started beseeching me to release him, telling me how sorry he was, begging for some relief.

I could see that his legs were really struggling to lift him for a few moments so I resolved to help him from his predicament. I unchained his wrists from behind him, brought them round to his front and chained them to the chain in front of him, causing him to lean forward slightly, which sort of rolled him over his balls, making the pain a little worse. He clearly couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing. I explained that I was going to give his legs a rest for a while, and with that I lifted the front of the pole up a few inches and re-hooked it, then I went to the back and lifted that too, to level the pole.

Hubby's legs were now well clear of the ground, he was completely resting on his balls and wailing like a baby.

Now for the really cruel bit. I got a stool, stepped on, swung my leg over, and sat on the post behind him, like on a motorbike .I put my arms around him, hugged him, told him I loved him, and also that the next bit may hurt a bit. He had no idea what I had in mind.

I moved my legs forward a little and found the spreader bar, which was a bit behind him, as I'd canted him forward to reach the chain. I pressed down and lifted myself, putting all of my weight on hubby's balls, as well as his own,and then as his screams reached a deafening crescendo, I started to push backwards and forwards on the bar, which slowly but surely started the swing moving. The action of the moving swing caused the weight of both of us to roll over his balls and back, causing him agony beyond belief, he was getting coarse with howling, blubbering and wretching. As I drove the swing ever higher, I asked the question...

"How many?"

"How many?. he gasped,

"How many orgasms" I replied

"What?" he screamed

"How many orgasms will you give me tonight before I go to sleep?"

"Three!!!" he screamed

"Not enough" I replied, the swing climbing higher...I think he'd gone beyond rational thought

"Six!!" he shouted, far too may, but hey ho

"OK, if you fail you're back on here on Sunday, do you understand?"

"Yes!!!" he screamed "Please have some mercy!!"

With that I sat down and let the swing slow down. It actually took quite a while, but I couldn't do anything until it stopped over my stool...I wasn't going to jump off while it was going, I might break a nail or something.

Finally it stopped and I climbed down, lowered the bars, and gradually released hubby. Once he was off I led him through to the bedroom, I removed my robe, and lay down on the bed. "Get to work"  I told him "six orgasms or you're back on the swing on Sunday".

He really tried valiantly, and I had some delicious orgasms, but I was tired and a bit drunk, so after the fourth I could feel myself drifting off. I didn't stop him licking, but, just before I slipped into a contended sleep I said " I may invite some friends and make a party of it..."

Endless Torture

Somehow hubby got through the night. He woke me a couple of times, tossing and turning and groaning with the pain, but I think he got some sleep. I felt horny as soon as I woke, knowing the torment my long suffering husband was going through, so I cuddled up behind him, in spoon position, put my arm around him and started to fondle his balls, very gently, and whispered good morning to my begging husband. I then asked him if he wanted a hot drink, which surprised him, as I always insist that he makes me coffee in the morning. He replied that he would love a cup of tea, but I told him that I have something much better, and climbed on top of him and sat my pussy over his mouth. He got the idea straight away. I rested all my weight on his open mouth and let forth my morning offering.

I always love doing my morning pee into hubby's mouth. It's such an intimate experience, and there's such a lot of it, and I know how strong the taste is. It gets us off to a good start for the weekend, putting hubby completely in his place, and chokes off any bolshy attitude on his part.

Having fully relieved myself, I lay back and let hubby do his thing with his tongue between my thighs. I had two delicious orgasms, well hubby said they were delicious when I asked him afterwards with my hand stroking his balls, and his cocked rammed hard into the spikes again.

As promised, once hubby had prepared breakfast, cleared breakfast, and done a couple of other chores, we hit the shops. I won't go into detail about what I bought, but there was quite a lot of expensive jewellery, some clothes, and some very sexy undies, which I made hubby help me choose for me to wear to exite Paul, my lover. Poor hubby was almost crying towards the end of the day, as I'd spent so much money, he was going to have to work absolutely flat out to pay the cards off. He just couldn't say no to me, since he was locked still in the cruel spiked cage.

For Saturday evening I suggested hubby cook a lovely dinner, while I had a long relaxing soak in the bath. I then dressed up in some fairly sexy clothes, and went down to give hubby more stimulation. I first rebuked him for wearing clothes, he's supposed to be naked around the house, and as soon as he was naked, I started stroking his balls, causing him more agony. 

Hubby served dinner, and we ate the exquisite meal he'd prepared, he really is an excellent cook. All the way through the meal I kept talking about subjects which I knew would arouse him, such as what colour knickers are best for flashing guys, and whether a blow job is better than fucking. The poor man groaned his way slowly through the meal, and leapt up as soon as he'd finished, to start clearing away the dishes. I rebuked him again, telling him it was extremely rude of him to get up before I had finished.

I finally let him get to his chores, which he spun out as long as he could, so that in the end I had to call him to come and sit with me on the sofa to watch a movie. I lay back across the settee, and put my feet in his lap, so he could massage them, as he does every night. He can only properly massage one foot at a time, so for the whole evening my spare foot was fondling his balls and genital area. I don't think he saw much of the film, he was too busy trying to avoid getting erect, and I'm glad to say he failed miserably.

Poor hubby endured another sleepless night, and I was getting a bit worried that he was losing his self control, as he snapped at me a couple of times. I decided to get him doing something, so I gave him a huge list of chores which took up most of the day, and enabled him to stop thinking about sex for a while. It was a hot sunny day, so I helped hubby by sunbathing in our garden completely naked; it's a very private garden. Hubby did his best to keep away from me, so from time to time I brought him cold drinks, and kissed him passionately, or rubbed my breasts against him. It was such fun!

At about 4pm I decided it was show time. I told hubby to strip naked, still in the garden, then I had him lay on his back on our wooden patio table, and secured his arms and legs to the corners, leaving him spread eagle. I then removed his Spiked cage, and started to gently massage his balls. Pausing momentarily, I picked up the kitchen timer I'd brought out and set it to 15mins, explaing to hubby that this was his time limit for cumming. I then went back to stroking his balls, which got him very hard, but I suspected he couldn't cum without me touching his penis. I kept encouraging him to cum, and he kept begging me to touch the head of his cock, but I just kept gently massaging his balls. With about 3 mins to go, I started to think he might actually cum like that, as he was getting more and more excited, so I started to roll his balls around in my hands, squeezing harder and harder, giving him more and more pain, thus choking off his climax. Without warning, his time was over and the bell rang.

Hubby was so distraught, he actually started to cry, but he was also a good boy and didn't beg me to finish him off. I leaned over him, letting my breasts rest on his chest, and kissed him on the lips, slowly, lovingly and also passionately, and as we were kissing as lovers I slid my hand up his leg, onto his balls, then very slowly up to the head of his rigid member. I stopped kissing him and told him I loved him as I gently brought him right to the edge of cumming. I gave hubby permission to cum, and he jetted an enormous quantity of sticky cum into my hand. I kept massaging until he was completely spent, then keeping my hand closed I brought it to his lips so he could lick up all his own cum. Hubby kept saying thank you between swallowing mouthfulls of semen.

Once he was finished I kissed his lips again, and told him how much I had enjoyed torturing him, and that I wanted to take it further, but that I wouldn't do that if he didn't want this lifestyle any more. He very beautifully told me that making me happy was his main reason to live, and that if I got pleasure from torturing him, then that's what he wanted me to do. I said thank you, and kissed him again on the lips, then I reached for his balls, rested both my hands on top of them, and pushed them into the table top with as much of my weight as I could get on them. They were crushed, between my hands and the table, and I managed to actually lift myself off the floor with all of my weight pressed onto his testicles. Hubby let out the most incredible scream, a howl of agony which sent shivers down my spine, and tingles in my nipples and clit.

I dropped back down on my feet and released my abused husband, telling him to get himself upstairs, as his tongue had a lot of work to do. I even left him out of his cage until bed time.

I knew that I had complete control over him.


Having made hubby into a cuckold, and even made him lick my lover's warm cum out of my vagina, I decided to push him a little further last weekend. He obviously had accepted that I was having sex with other men, but, there is a big difference with me doing it out of his sight, and me doing it in front of him. So, I decided to invite my Thursday lover over for dinner on Saturday evening. I already knew that his wife was going away for the weekend, so it was a perfect opportunity, and he really is fantastic in bed.

On Friday evening I announced to hubby that we would be entertaining a special guest to dinner on Saturday night, that the guest would be staying over, so hubby would have to move out to the guest bedroom. I think at this point the penny began to drop, so I confirmed that the guest would be my Thursday lover, and that he is such a fantastic lover that hubby should be thrilled to meet him and that I expected a very positive attitude from hubby, plus a great deal of effort to make my new lover's stay very comfortable and pleasant.

I furthermore made clear that I expected a spotless house, fantastic food all weekend, and an attitude from hubby that would make it clear to my lover how thrilled hubby is to have this wonderful man in our house fucking his wife. What a face he put on! He actually started to cry and told me that he didn't think he could do it. I slapped his face as hard as I possibly could and told him that if he baulked at this taks he would be locked up for a month and would suffer the worst punishments he'd ever received, repeatedly over that month.

With that ultimatum on the table, hubby reluctantly backed down and said he would do his best. Once past that initial hurdle, the planning went fairly smoothly. We discussed the menu for the weekend, wrote a shopping list for Saturday morning, and finally I told hubby that he must wear his boxers all weekend in the house, and nothing else, he must call Paul (my lover) 'Sir' at all times, and that he should call me 'Mistress'. I added that he must always call me 'Mistress' from now on, except when we have company that would be innappropriate for, and that all my lovers should always be addressed as 'Sir'.

Once that was all sorted hubby had a lot to get on with, so I relaxed and watched a movie while he frantically cleaned the house. As usual I kept interrupting him, making him run downstairs to get me a drink, pass me the remote and so on. On one of these interruptions I told him that I'd forgotten to mention, following his sill tantrum, that on Sunday evening, after Paul had gone, I would critique hubby's weekend, as to quality of food and service, attitude, cleanliness of house etc, and decide whether or not he had earned a release of some sort. 'Best you try 110%' I told him.

Saturday morning I spurned hubby's attempt to lick me to orgasm, telling him I wanted to remain horny for my lover, and not wanting to spend my day watching hubby work, I took myself shopping. While hubby was wearing himself out cleaning, shopping and so on, I chose clothes to turn my lover on. A new pleated skirt, a rather daring top, and a very sexy thong and bra set. I couldn't wait to feel Paul's hands on those panties!

When I got home, hubby was just finishing off the cleaning. he looked so sweet in his boxers, and I kept getting a peek of his cage, which pleased me, as I wanted Paul to see it. It would definitely be a subject for discussion, and I wanted to let Paul discuss with me how often hubby should get a release, as that would really be a mind fuck for hubby. Be careful what you wish for eh?

With hubby starting dinner preparations, I had a lovely hot soak in the bath, and played with my clit and my nipples, all slippery from the bath oil. I held back from actually cumming as I wanted to be horny for Paul. I got out of the bath and called for hubby to come and towel me dry and then asked him to help me choose what to wear. It must have driven him mad choosing clothes to tempt my lover, and knowing he was getting no relief for a while.

Eventually I was ready, hubby said he was all set, and the door bell rang.

House Rules

When I started this journey, all those weeks ago, I stated that I had no intention of locking my husband in a chastity device, no intention of caning or spanking him, and so on. Well, it hasn't turned out like that, and for the most part, hubby has been accepting of our changed roles, and of his loss of control over his life.
His acceptance came to an abrupt end, however, after I locked him up in the chastity cage. At first he was ok with it, but, after a couple of days, he kept asking for release, begging me to unlock him so he could masturbate. I tried to explain that this was a crucial part of our new lifestyle, and that he had to accept my control over his sex life, but he kept on begging and pleading. Eventually I got tired of his constant whining and threatenened to keep him inchastity for a month if he didn't stop pestering me about his trapped penis! That finally shut him up on the subject, he just kept giving me little puppy eyes all the time.
The weekend arrived, I informed hubby, in my sternest voice, that he had the possibility of an orgasm on Sunday evening, but that he would have to earn it, as it wasn't guaranteed. First off, I instructed him, I expect lots of orgasms from his tongue, with no selfish mention of his own predicament, and that I expected him to be constantly trying to seduce me. Next, he must tackle a list of long overdue chores which I had typed out for him, and finally, that we would have a serious discussion during his discipline session on Sunday.

Well, he did me proud, working incredibly hard, only breaking off from time to time to try to seduce me into letting him lick me to orgasm. I didn't resist his romantic and sexy seductions, and didn't refuse him even once, giving him an aching tongue, and sore knees. Not to mention the fact that all that inhallation of my musky scent must have driven him crazy with frustration.

Eventually we got to Sunday evening and I had hubby strip and got him across my knee. I decided to just run through some simple rules for now, and add to them at a later date, so I gave him a swift dozen swats with the paddle, and asked him who was now in charge of his sex life. I got the right answer to that so I pressed on, asking what  the punishment for him asking for release was, and he rememberd that it was one month locked down. Finally, after another dozen, which really turned his bum red, I told him that he will, in future, only be allowed a maximum one orgasm per week, that it could only be at the weekend, and that it was at my discretion and whim, so he'd best try very hard to please me.

I then gave him a final dozen whacks, which made him cry, or perhaps it was reality dawning on him about his new life in chastity. I got him up off my lap, handcuffed his hands behind his back, unlocked his cage, and gave him a quick wank. I caught all of his cum in my hand and fed it to him, then washed his winky with a rather coarse dishcloth. I may have been a bit rough with the cloth, as he kept squeeking..tee hee...
Since Sunday he has been an angel, lets hope he can keep up the standard.

Working Week

During the week we are both really busy and so my plans have been on hold a bit, waiting for the weekend to take the next step. I have been handing over some domestic chores when hubby is free though. Last night I did do something exciting. I put on a programme hubby doesn't like E!News on the red carpet..all about dresses and such. He started to complain, so I told him to be quiet and do something useful, then I removed my joggers and knickers and told him to lick me while I watched! I had such a job concentrating on the programme, but I didn't let him know that, except when I couldn't stop myself cumming. What a lovely evening, and hubby got nothing and went to bed horny. I suspect he had a quiet wank though, which is an issue I must address soon, I am determined to totally control him.

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