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Having made hubby into a cuckold, and even made him lick my lover's warm cum out of my vagina, I decided to push him a little further last weekend. He obviously had accepted that I was having sex with other men, but, there is a big difference with me doing it out of his sight, and me doing it in front of him. So, I decided to invite my Thursday lover over for dinner on Saturday evening. I already knew that his wife was going away for the weekend, so it was a perfect opportunity, and he really is fantastic in bed.

On Friday evening I announced to hubby that we would be entertaining a special guest to dinner on Saturday night, that the guest would be staying over, so hubby would have to move out to the guest bedroom. I think at this point the penny began to drop, so I confirmed that the guest would be my Thursday lover, and that he is such a fantastic lover that hubby should be thrilled to meet him and that I expected a very positive attitude from hubby, plus a great deal of effort to make my new lover's stay very comfortable and pleasant.

I furthermore made clear that I expected a spotless house, fantastic food all weekend, and an attitude from hubby that would make it clear to my lover how thrilled hubby is to have this wonderful man in our house fucking his wife. What a face he put on! He actually started to cry and told me that he didn't think he could do it. I slapped his face as hard as I possibly could and told him that if he baulked at this taks he would be locked up for a month and would suffer the worst punishments he'd ever received, repeatedly over that month.

With that ultimatum on the table, hubby reluctantly backed down and said he would do his best. Once past that initial hurdle, the planning went fairly smoothly. We discussed the menu for the weekend, wrote a shopping list for Saturday morning, and finally I told hubby that he must wear his boxers all weekend in the house, and nothing else, he must call Paul (my lover) 'Sir' at all times, and that he should call me 'Mistress'. I added that he must always call me 'Mistress' from now on, except when we have company that would be innappropriate for, and that all my lovers should always be addressed as 'Sir'.

Once that was all sorted hubby had a lot to get on with, so I relaxed and watched a movie while he frantically cleaned the house. As usual I kept interrupting him, making him run downstairs to get me a drink, pass me the remote and so on. On one of these interruptions I told him that I'd forgotten to mention, following his sill tantrum, that on Sunday evening, after Paul had gone, I would critique hubby's weekend, as to quality of food and service, attitude, cleanliness of house etc, and decide whether or not he had earned a release of some sort. 'Best you try 110%' I told him.

Saturday morning I spurned hubby's attempt to lick me to orgasm, telling him I wanted to remain horny for my lover, and not wanting to spend my day watching hubby work, I took myself shopping. While hubby was wearing himself out cleaning, shopping and so on, I chose clothes to turn my lover on. A new pleated skirt, a rather daring top, and a very sexy thong and bra set. I couldn't wait to feel Paul's hands on those panties!

When I got home, hubby was just finishing off the cleaning. he looked so sweet in his boxers, and I kept getting a peek of his cage, which pleased me, as I wanted Paul to see it. It would definitely be a subject for discussion, and I wanted to let Paul discuss with me how often hubby should get a release, as that would really be a mind fuck for hubby. Be careful what you wish for eh?

With hubby starting dinner preparations, I had a lovely hot soak in the bath, and played with my clit and my nipples, all slippery from the bath oil. I held back from actually cumming as I wanted to be horny for Paul. I got out of the bath and called for hubby to come and towel me dry and then asked him to help me choose what to wear. It must have driven him mad choosing clothes to tempt my lover, and knowing he was getting no relief for a while.

Eventually I was ready, hubby said he was all set, and the door bell rang.

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Posted on 07:47AM on Jul 4th, 2012
Maybe you should consider getting him a nice steel boned training corset like I have and tie him up tight in it along with some nice stiletto heeled pointed toed black patent leather ankle booties and lock it all on. Then he will struggle to bend over in his heels and corset making it more of a challenge to do housework in. How about making him take a 2 week vacation and bring him to the nail salon with you wearing normal man clothes with his new ankle booties and have a full set of long acrylic nails put on him for even more of a challenge! Then when you bring your lover over you could force him to give your lover a good servicing and while he has his mouth full of your lovers member and his new sexy long red nails around it, take a picture of his compromising predicament to blackmail him in the future with!!!! Just my devious, sick little brain in action!!! I just can't help it!!! Your delicious stories bring it out in me!!! You had me at cuckold! LOL
Posted on 12:49PM on Jul 4th, 2012
I like your ideas! This story isn't finished yet, but I ran out of time.
Posted on 08:51AM on Jul 5th, 2012
Enjoyed. I am sitting her in my MCD (male chastity device) while my wife is upstairs writing an email to her potential new boyfriend. I feel your husband's pain, but I also know the mixture of pain and pleasure that comes from being denied release. I could never go this long without coming on my own ... I am so desperate for a release but she has the keys. I dream of how incredible it will be when I finally get to come. This is getting me turned on, which hurts, so I am going to have to cut this short.
Posted on 09:27AM on Jul 6th, 2012
When do we get to hear more about your life as a goddess?
Posted on 09:38AM on Jul 16th, 2012
Wondering the fate of your man ... I enjoyed my brief time in bondage, but it also helps me appreciate my freedom. We will do it again at some point, but each time is more intense for me. This last time my lady took me out to a bar knowing I would slowly lose control as boobs and nice ***** paraded by. I started trembling so bad I couldn't drink my beer without spilling it. My body jerked of its own accord, I got so spastic as I neared an ****** and could get no relief that I could not even stand to leave. The bartender, Katie with huge cleavage came over and talked to me asking if I was alright. My woman just laughed as I sat there trying to answer her questions and assure her I didn't need medical help. I have never felt so turned on and helpless.
Posted on 01:05PM on Aug 9th, 2012
Do you make your servant husband do the floors by hand? My Wife insists that I do all the hard wool floors on my hands and knees with no knee pads while she kicks up her feet and relaxes and watches me toil. She typically is talking to her BF while i am slaving away the way it should be.

servant rob
Posted on 01:06PM on Aug 9th, 2012
Do you make your servant husband do the floors by hand? My Wife insists that I do all the hard wool floors on my hands and knees with no knee pads while she kicks up her feet and relaxes and watches me toil. She typically is talking to her BF while i am slaving away the way it should be.

servant rob
Posted on 04:00PM on Feb 2nd, 2014
MakesMeJealousYourSissy Is A Lucky lady
Posted on 01:31AM on Jun 21st, 2014
My sister is married to a very wealthy man and she is the perfect Wife to him she does not want to rock the boat, but she has a play thing, he gives her all the desires and sexual adventures she loves. She has just locked him into chastity as she does not want him playing around and possibly picking up something she could accidentally give to her husband. The lover is absolutely livid about this, but as she keeps him financially, he must play the game. When her husband is away on business she has her play thing come to her house dressed as a maid and he is at her beck an call throughout the day, she has afternoon teas which he serves to her female friends some do not realise his true sex, I have attended several and it is very amusing. He does not stay he is sent to his place at five o clock with instructions to be ready for her at eight where he knows his maid service will be rewarded or punished as the case may be. She is a happy woman.
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